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Born near Montreal, Canada. She played the piano from an early age, studied in a specialized visual art program in high school, and learned a great variety of craft skills. She has a College degree in Theatre art and Literature and completed a Fine Arts degree in Fiber Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, with a minor in Music. She works and travels as a visual artist. Her work has been presented in Canada. 


Handcrafting has always been a natural way of life for me. My Degree in Fibre Arts and Material Practices allowed me to express ideas and to develop a vocabulary which utilises fabrics and multiple textile techniques. I contemplate states of being with my contemporary portraits; creating delicate, yet intricate figures, like 'figures of speech' turned through stitches and pigment. Notions of transparency, fragility, interfaces and layering are part of the process. Through material and pictorial perspectives, I explore on themes such as identity, fiction, representation of the human body, iconography, habitat and natural cycles. Figurative motifs, and either real or fictive imagery are woven together to create a narrative made of fragments of stories; stories drawn, painted, and embroidered on multiple layers of sheer fabric.

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