Marie-Pierre Lortie was born in 1980 near Montreal, Canada. She played the piano from an early age, studied in a specialized visual art program in high school, and learned a great variety of craft skills from her parents. She has a College degree in Theatre art and Literature and completed a Fine Arts degree in Fiber Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, with a minor in Music. She works and travels as a visual artist, and teaches piano. Her work has been presented in Quebec. As artist in residence at the Brahma Tirta Sari studio, in Yogiakarta (Java), she explored a contemporary approach of the traditional art of batik.


I explore fibers, natural dyes, and other textile related techniques. The fabric medium holds a meaningful language beyond words, and natural chemistry. It reaches the psyche, and reveals to it hidden layers. To me the history of textiles is a history of movement, migration, and cultural interaction. My personal travels across lands and cultures, and the people I share these experiences with, are my primary source of inspiration. Those experiences deepen my perspective on themes such as identity, habitat, and natural cycles, these in turn influence my creative process. I am concerned with transparency, and the multiple interfaces that enable us to see beyond surfaces; I explore this depth through a process of layering. Figurative motifs, and either real or fictive imagery are woven together to create a narrative made of fragments of stories; stories drawn, painted, and embroidered on multiple layers of sheer fabric.  

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